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Casual Friday — melting steel with a solar furnace

One relatively straightforward way to generate solar power is via a technology called solar thermal — mirrors are used to focus sunlight on a boiler, which then generates steam, which powers turbines, which run a generator…

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Casual Friday — Google gets hot

Depending on what news you’ve been following lately, you may (or may not) have heard about Google’s latest initiative…

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Episode 21 — Biofuels

Salvation, or just a distraction?

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Casual Friday — Levitating Light Bulb

An impressive piece of performance art — a glowing light bulb, suspended in mid air. No wires or solid support of any kind. Can you figure out how it’s done before the video explains it all?

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Episode 16 — Electric Lighting

Between discussions of global climate change, and the ever-rising cost of energy, people are starting to take a long, hard look at the costs of lighting — both financial, and ecological. Listen in to this episode, and I’ll attempt to (ahem…) enlighten you on the history and potential future of this technology…

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Googlediving, hybrid vehicles, and energy consumption

A recent thread of discussion (namely, some comments on the hybrid cars podcast episode) brings me to remind you of the wisdom of cross-checking ostensibly “scientific” things you hear in conversation, or see mentioned in print or online somewhere. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy these days to check things using the internet. When I run across something that seems to be questionable, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a quick bit of checking things out with Google. I call this “googlediving” — it’s essentially the information equivalent of dumpster diving but doesn’t leave you all smelly when you’re done. Best of all, it usually takes just a few minutes to run a quick check.

Let’s look at the recent discussion as a good example….

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