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Like all blogs and podcasts, Sorting Out Science is built around the RSS (Really Simple Subscription) mechanism. RSS allows you to “subscribe” to various content (known as “feeds”), while making your computer do all the “heavy lifting” of periodically checking for new material, and downloading any new content as it becomes available. Unlike magazine subscriptions, subscribing to an RSS feed doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t involve giving anybody else your personal information.

For a variety of reasons, some people aren’t ready to make the jump to subscription. If you don’t want to (or can’t) subscribe to the blog or podcast, you can receive updates via email, courtesy of FeedBlitz. Whenever I update the blog, you’ll get an email (in HTML format) with the latest blog post — and since I always write a blog entry when I publish a podcast episode, you’ll get links to the episode’s audio file as well.

To receive blog posts by email, just click on the icon below, and fill out the form (FeedBlitz promises they’ll never sell or give your address to anybody else):

When you’re ready to use subscription, Sorting Out Science has three feeds you can subscribe to — the blog, comments on the blog, and the podcast itself.

Blog feed — for all blog posts, including podcast episodes. You can subscribe to this feed with any RSS feed reader.

Comments feed — for comments made on blog posts. If you want to keep up to date on what other folks are saying about posts and podcast episodes, you can subscribe to this feed with any RSS feed reader.

Podcast feed — for podcast episode audio. You can subscribe to this feed with any RSS feed reader, but the feed is optimized for “podcacher” software (iTunes and such). Use this link if you want to subscribe with a feed reader, or non-iTunes podcacher; use this link to subscribe via iTunes.