Casual Friday — can we survive the Sun’s death?

OK, now that the world has survived a close call with financial disaster (thanks to the U.S.’ House of Representatives), we can entertain ourselves with the physics of real disasters.  Say, like when the Sun devours the Earth in another billion years or so.

But given plenty of time, and some applied physics, could we avoid this hot fate?  ASAP Science tells all in about 3-1/2 minutes (direct link):

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2 Responses to Casual Friday — can we survive the Sun’s death?

  1. Digi says:

    Any interest in starting up podcasts again……?
    Went through every episode you put up….Some very interesting topics you said you would save for future podcasts 🙂

    • Sam Wise says:

      It’s so good to hear that you have enjoyed the podcasts that I did record, but unfortunately life has gotten much more complicated for me in the past few years. So to answer your question — interest, yes. Time, no (unfortunately). At least, not for the near future.

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