The scientific tourist #281 — a Thunderstreak in South Dakota

You’ve already seen one copy of the problem-prone F-84F Thunderstreak in Kansas, here’s another copy at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum:

F-84F "Thunderstreak"

From the placard:

The F-84F, one of only two swept-wing fighters derived form a straight-wing model, was also one of the fighters operated by both the Strategic and Tactical Air Commands. The first F-84F, built around an F-84E fuselage, first flew on June 3rd, 1950. Originally built as the YF-96A, engine and airframe problems limited performance. The Korean War increased funding for aircraft development, saving the F-84F.

The first 2,112 production F-84Fs arrived in November 1952 with final production in August 1957. The first aircraft went to the Strategic Air Command as escort fighters for bombers, but the arrival of the B-52 ended that role. NATO received 852 of the aircraft and used it until 1982. USAF operational service ended in 1964, but the F-84F continued in Air Guard service until late 1971.

If you read both the earlier post and this placard, you’ll note that this official text is leaving out a lot of… interesting… history.

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