Casual Friday — of galaxies and penguins

Galaxies spend most of their existence in isolation, but when two of them cross paths, the result is a beautiful (from a distance) if violent spectacle.  Such is the case with Arp 142 — a pair of interacting galaxies 326 million light years away in the southern constellation Hydra.  Together they look somewhat like a penguin guarding its egg, but the actual story is far messier (direct link):

The “penguin” here is the remains of a spiral galaxy (NGC 2936), being torn to shreds by its elliptical companion (NGC 2937), which seems unperturbed by the destruction it is inflicting.  This video dives into a composite of three Hubble images, taken in visible, red, and infrared light.

Want to learn more about Arp 142?  There’s plenty more material online:

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