The scientific tourist #252 — from Silver Dart to Starfighter

At the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, 100 years of Canadian aviation history is on display:

From Silver Dart to Starfighter

The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum graces Halifax, Nova Scotia, with the charter to preserve all aspects of Atlantic Canada’s aviation heritage.  In its main gallery, you can see about a century of this history all layered together.

At the top is a replica of the Silver Dart, the first aircraft to fly in Canada — to be specific, the Silver Dart conducted the first controlled powered flight in Canada, flying off the ice of frozen-over Baddeck Bay Nova Scotia in 1909.  The display model was built for the flight’s 75th anniversary, from the original drawings (but with a wooden engine reproduction to save weight).

Below the Silver Dart is a CF-104 Starfighter, a Canadian-built variant of the F-104 — it’s billed as being the only genuine Canadair CF-104 on display in any Canadian museum (and likely the only surviving CF-104 built in eastern Canada).  200 of these craft were built in the 1960’s, of which about 110 were lost to accidents.  All were retired from service with the Canadian armed forces by 1987; oddly only three are on now on display in Canada, while many more are on display in Norway and Turkey.

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