Casual Friday — fast camera tracking (it’s all done with mirrors!)

If you have a digital camera, you’ve probably come to rely on its auto-focus feature to keep your images at their sharpest. And your camera may be able to track faces moving in its field of vision.

But some researchers at the University of Japan have got that all beat — they’ve come up with a system that allows a camera to track fast-moving objects. It can pan and tilt by up to 60 degrees in each axis in all of 3.5 miliseconds. Not at all shabby, especially given that it’s filming in HD at 500 frames per second (direct link).

The researcher’s new system pulls off this feat of photography by using (what else?) mirrors. They’re aiming it at sports broadcasting, but the applications in scientific photography (as well as other fields) are endless.

Plenty more information on their advance at their website.

H/T: Oh Gizmo!

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