Casual Friday — Dragon’s day

Today’s one for the history books — the SpaceX Dragon is now officially the first commercial space vehicle to visit the International Space Station with a load of cargo. So let’s look at the video that’s available so far — first up, an ISS flyby (2:02, direct link) done as a confidence-building measure yesterday:

The second video (10:38, direct link) shows Dragon approaching the station and performing retreat / hold tests. This was done to test that Dragon can properly receive and execute those commands if an emergency were to occur.

The third video (5:17, direct link) shows the actual capture of the Dragon with the station’s robotic arm. This begins a 3 hour process of maneuvering the Dragon with the arm in order to attach it to one of the ISS’ berthing ports (somewhat like “docking,” but it allows for larger cargo to be passed back and forth).

Later today, the Dragon will actually be berthed at the station — I’ll update this post to include berthing video once it’s available.

Update — now there’s video of the Dragon’s hatch being opened (2:02, direct link):

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