Casual Friday — Apollo landing sites revisited, again!

You might recall that two years back, the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) spacecraft team released some images of Apollo lunar landing sites. But these were relatively low-resolution images, taken from about 70 miles above the surface.

Well, the LRO spacecraft (and its human support team) have done that one better, and have taken more site images from a much lower altitude — about 14 miles (22 km), roughly twice the altitude of a commercial airliner flight back on Earth. And boy, are they impressive!

Here’s yesterday’s LRO image on APOD (click to embiggen):

Meanwhile, here’s a quick bit of video giving you an overview of more of the images (direct link):

Want to see more? The LRO program has a super-high resolution movie here (you’ll want a wide screen and fast internet connection), there’s good coverage of the new images by MSNBC, and of course the LRO program website is excellent too!

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