Pardon my dust…

I recently discovered a very persistent infection on this site — it turns out that some old WordPress plugin was insecure, and as a result was giving an outside party a backdoor into the site. So my apologies if they were able to use this to push any malware at you (although it appears the backdoor was more likely used to enlist SOS in DDOS attacks on other sites).

I’ve done a scrub of the site, removed all plugins that aren’t actively supported by their developers, and found a few new tools to tighten up site security all around.

So the good news — the infection is gone, and shouldn’t be coming back. The bad news — I’ve had to update how I handle permalinks to SOS posts, so not only will old incoming links be broken, but a lot of folks following SOS via RSS readers will see every one of SOS’ 4 years of blog posts reappear in their readers.

Again, my apologies for any inconveniences this inflicts on people — but it appears to be the price of clearing up this security problem.

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