Casual Friday — how “Polaroid” instant film is made

In 2008, Polaroid announced that it was ending production of “instant” camera film. Factories were shuttered, machinery sold for scrap, and hundreds of millions of perfectly functioning cameras doomed to become paper weights.

But a few (soon to be unemployed) Dutch Polaroid employees and an Austrian artist refused to accept this sad fate for the technology. Together, they were able to lease the main building of the last Polaroid plant, rescue its machinery before it was scrapped, and started The Impossible Project to essentially recreate the chemistry of instant film (since the original dyes were no longer available).

Here’s a 5 minute video showing the production process for their film (direct link, you’ll want to turn your computer’s volume down first):

H/T: How It’s Made via PetaPixel via Gizmodo.

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