Casual Friday — Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Back in 2000, a nobel laureate in Chemistry named Paul Crutzen proposed that the Earth is no longer in the Holocene era. Instead, he feels (and he’s gaining a lot of company) that we’ve long since entered the Anthropocene, an era in which human activity is playing a driving role in the planet’s ecosystems.

Should you need any evidence to support this, here’s a quick video put together by James Syvitski, a geology professor at the University of Colorado. It’s a time lapse view of dams built in the continental U.S. between 1800 and 2003 (direct link):

Meanwhile, here’s an 18 minute TEDx talk by Will Steffen, the executive director of the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute with a bit more background on the concept (direct link):

H/T: Resilience Science and Dot Earth

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