The scientific tourist #161 — Apollo CSM

Apollo Command and Service Modules on display at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Apollo CSM

If you’re an Apollo buff, you’re in for a special treat if you pay a visit to the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Part of the general admission ticket you buy gets you in to the Apollo / Saturn V center. This not only allows you to see a full Saturn V stack on static display (suspended from the ceiling), but also this CSM down low, where you can get a close look at it.

The heritage of all this hardware is admittedly a bit of a motley mix. The first stage of the Saturn V on display was a ground test article, while most of the rest of it would have been used for the Apollo 19 mission, had it flown (the Apollo 19 first stage is at JSC). The command module that’s hanging up is a “boilerplate” unit, also used for ground testing. The command and service modules in this picture, meanwhile, were reserved for possible use as a Skylab rescue craft, and subsequently as a backup for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.

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