The scientific tourist #33 — Spruce Tree House

This week’s image comes from the Spruce Tree House ruins in Mesa Verde National Park:

Tower in Spruce Tree House ruins

I’ve talked about Mesa Verde on previous occasions, so I hope you’ll understand if I skip the backstory here.

Of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, Spruce Tree House is the third largest behind Cliff Palace and Long House. This dwelling contains about 130 rooms and 8 kivas, and is thought to have once been home to 60 – 80 people. For comparison’s sake, about 90% of Mesa Verde’s cliff dwellings contain 10 rooms or less — the big dwellings, in contrast, were special and busy places!

While Spruce Tree House may not have been the largest of the Mesa Verde dwellings, it is definitely the best preserved (about 90% of what you see there is original). It’s also easily accessible on foot, so bring the kids!

Tours of the dwelling are self-guided from Spring through Fall, and ranger-guided (no fee) in the winter. For what it’s worth, the rectangular tower in this image is one of Spruce Tree House’s more prominent features.

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