Casual Friday — ArcAttack!

I saw this on Crave, and just had to pass it along. A team of three (Joe DiPrima, Oliver Greaves, and Tony Smith) calling themselves ArcAttack have been making music with tuned Tesla coils, a PVC pipe organ, and drum kit. I’ve been meaning to do a podcast episode on Tesla for a while now; maybe after work gets less crazy in a few weeks. Let’s just say for the time being that Tesla coils are essentially very good lightning generators — and if you tune them correctly, they produce some useful sounds.

In the meantime, here’s an ArcAttack performance to tide you over:

High tech never sounded so good, even in an admittedly geeky kind of way…

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  1. Parsec says:

    This is Patrick from Arcattack. We have built two additional coils that are 7 feet tall! We are now doing regular performances and so maybe we will come through your part of the world. Come visit us and sign up for updates at

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