Casual Friday — flow studies

A really mesmerizing collection of air tunnel flow visualization video, set to the music of Yo La Tengo:

It’s a beautiful way to re-purpose and re-publish some old black and white video.

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2 Responses to Casual Friday — flow studies

  1. Philds says:

    A lot of delta wings in that movie. The images seem to be from like late 40’s early 50’s. I wonder if the stats those models produced were used in the creation of the Delta and Sea Darts.
    That would be a nice tie in with a previous post.

  2. Sam Wise says:

    Hard to say, unfortunately. I wish the folks that compiled the old video & the music for the YouTube “compilation” had pointed (somehow) to the original videos. But yes, I thought it was nicely connected to Tuesday’s post.

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