Casual Friday — meet the Aptera

There’s been plenty of ink spilled about potential electric cars — but if you asked me (and I’m fully aware you haven’t), I’d have to pick the Aptera as the most likely to succeed in the near term. Here’s a Popular Mechanics video of a test drive they conducted of the prototype:

The basic idea is that by starting from scratch with a vehicle design optimized for electric drive, they wind up with a light and highly aerodynamic vehicle that doesn’t carry any design “baggage” from gas-powered vehicles. Their electric car (which should be available for sale later this year) is expected to have a range of about 120 miles. A series gas-electric hybrid (essentially an electric car with an on-board gas-powered generator) version will also be sold, getting no less than 120 miles per gallon (and many times this for trips under 120 miles). The Aptera vehicles are even priced below $30,000 — a bargain, considering their competition.

There’s just one problem — they’ll only be available for sale in California. At least for now.

The Aptera (Greek for “wingless flight”) company home page is here (with lots of additional information), while more press coverage is here:

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