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Life’s been crazy busy for me the past few weeks (thus, no podcast episode for a while), and it won’t get better for a few more days, but I thought at least I could pass along some interesting links I’ve run across. Yeah, it’s a cop out, but I guess it’s better than nothing.


Arthur C. Clarke

Lots of ink’s being spilled over the loss of a great visionary of science — of both science fact, and science fiction. If you haven’t read any of the obits and memorials, here are some particularly well-written ones:

Seed: Clarke’s Magic



New York Times

Mental Floss

IEEE Spectrum: Final Thoughts from Sir Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008)


Methane on other planets

Yes, the Hubble space telescope has been coaxed into detecting methane in the atmosphere of a planet 63 light years away. No, it doesn’t mean there’s life there. Some good reading on this subject:

Knight Science Journalism Tracker

Whiffs From an Alien World — ScienceNOW

Uncertain Principles: There’s Methane in Them Thar Planets


Busting up satellites

Pentagon says sat-smash smithereen cloud almost gone


Lots of news in the “private space” arena

BBC NEWS | Space planes ‘to meet big demand’


Climate change

Things aren’t looking too good up in the arctic:

Arctic Ice Returns, Thin and Tentative | LiveScience

Knight Science Journalism Tracker — Canadian icebreaker needs more ice to study global warming


Geckos, gotta’ love them…

BBC NEWS | Tail ‘key’ for gecko acrobatics

Acrobatic geckos steer with their tails – life – 17 March 2008 – New Scientist

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