Whew — that was a close one!

Anybody who spends much time with computers or web sites can attest to the fact that they can be a bit… testy… at times. If you’ve tried to look at the SOS web site over the past few days, you might have an inkling of how this applies to you and me right now.men_at_work_thumb.jpg

To make a long story short, the site went completely offline about two days ago — but cached copies of the front page on some proxy servers stuck around for a while. As a result, some people saw the site, some didn’t, but the site stats made it clear that something was very wrong. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but it appears that the software I use to connect SOS to its Flickr sibling was misbehaving, and wound up filling up a huge amount of space on the server. The server retaliated by flipping over onto its back and playing dead.

Fortunately, nothing appears to have been lost in the shuffle — I’ve recovered all the posts, all the comments people have left, user registrations, etc. A few odd characters got inserted into some of the posts, but I *think* I’ve got all that cleaned up. I’m re-uploading the last two podcast episodes right now (6:30 pm ET), so those should all behave shortly.

Just the same, if you come across any odd behavior on the site in the next few days, please drop me a line using the contact form.


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