The next best thing to a time machine

If you like history, you owe it to yourself to check out a new set of images on Flickr. The Library of Congress has started a pilot program to put old public domain images on the site, and so they’re starting out with a mere 3,000 images.

Just to test the waters, you understand…

The images they’ve uploaded so far are split into two sets. “News in the 1910s” holds black & white pictures taken by the Bain News Service early in the decade — lots of sports images (hope you like baseball!), but also images from the Spanish-American War, early aviation, and a variety of government functions. The second set, called “1930s-40s in Color” is of color photos taken by various U.S. government photographers during the Great Depression and World War II.

All in all, an interesting look at life early in the 20th century. And since there is no copyright on these images, they’re available for your use as you see fit.

Expect some of these images to be cropping up on this blog from time to time in the future…

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