National Academies Press — for free

Free books — it’s a tough deal to beat, especially when they’re good. The National Academies Press (i.e., the press for the National Academies — of Science, of Engineering, etc.) has over 3700 books available for free online reading right here.

But what spurred this post is the recent update & re-release of Science, Evolution, and Creationism — a quick read at 88 pages, and now free for download in PDF form. Just click on the “Sign In” button, fill out a couple of items, and you’ll get a link for the download. It’s also very reasonably priced if you’d prefer the “dead tree” version.

The New York Times has a quick “bullet” review on the book here, although it looks like a few items in the review are drawn from earlier editions of it.

H/T to John and GrrlScientist.

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