Episode 14 — Hybrid Cars

If you’re like many people, you’d like to help do something about climate change through the choices you make and the way you live. Celebrities and the mass media (among others) are presenting hybrid vehicles as a big step forward in this regard.

But left out of this rush to technology is any discussion of the fact that not all hybrids are equal. Some are little different from conventional cars, and consume fuel with equal gusto. Others offer dramatic improvements in fuel economy, but may not appear at your local automotive dealer’s showroom floor for years.

What’s a well-intentioned, but budget-minded potential car buyer to do?

Listen in to this episode, and I’ll give you a quick education in hybrid vehicle technologies. You’ll be able to tell series from parallel, and electric from hydraulic with aplomb — and more importantly, understand some of the challenges that lie ahead for this technology, and how to tell when a hybrid vehicle’s price premium makes it a worthwhile investment.

This episode is the first in a series on ways you and I can help fight climate change. If you’re not subscribed to the podcast, you can listen to the episode via an inline player (Flash required) here:

You can also directly download the episode using this link. For sources, and those who’d just like to follow along, the episode’s show notes are here….

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