Carnivalia, and a Call for Submissions

This week’s selection of (mostly) science-related blog carnivals:

Accretionary Wedge #3

Carnivalesque XXXIII

Carnival of Education

Carnival of the Green #104

Change of Shift: Vol. 2, Number 11

Carnival of Space 29

The Four Stone Hearth #28

Friday Ark #165

Gene Genie #20

I and the Bird # 62

Oekologie #11

Skeptics’ Circle #74

Also, don’t forget that I’ll be hosting the 15th installment of the Philosphia Naturalis physical science blog carnival next week on the 29th. Here are some quick guidelines for submissions from the carnival’s home planet:

The content of the article should be reasonably related to science in general or to the physical sciences — such as physics, mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, computer science, chemistry, or Earth science — or to advanced technology — such as nanotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, alternative energy, or quantum computing.

Should you find a well-written blog post that fits these admittedly broad criteria, please drop me a line by way of the SOS contact page, or you can use the submission form at

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