Photo gallery

If you haven’t perused the SOS site lately, I wanted to let you know about the new photo gallery I set up.

Basically, I finally got around to setting up a flickr account, and uploaded a ton of pictures I’ve taken that have a (vaguely) scientific or technical bent to them. A handy WordPress plugin called (logically enough) “Flickr photo gallery” displays all these pictures on a page on the SOS site — you can get to it from that link, or just through the “Photos” link in the sidebar.

I’d suggest you check the gallery out, particularly if you need some fresh “wallpaper” for your computer screen, or are just looking for a way to burn a little time on the web. And all these photos are covered by a Creative Commons “attribution – sharealike” license, so as long as you adhere to the terms of that license, you can use any of them however you wish.

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