Carnival Hosting

If you’ve subscribed to this blog for long, you’ll know I’m a big fan of blog carnivals — they’re good things for both writers (providing a potential source of new readership) and readers (giving them a quick taste of a number of new blogs). The hosts get a potential boost in readership as well…

Either out of a desire for publicity, or some personal sense of masochism (hosting a carnival isn’t exactly a trivial undertaking), I’ve signed up to host three carnivals over the next couple of months. Here’s the lineup (so mark your calendars!):

* Carnival of Space (space & astronomy) — Thursday, October 18
* Four Stone Hearth (anthropology) — Wednesday, November 7
* Philosophia Naturalis (natural sciences) — Thursday, November 29

I’ll be posting further details later, but please consider this the first “call for submissions” for these carnivals. What this means to you is simply this — I’ll could use some help gathering links (primarily to posts on other blogs, but on-topic news articles are OK too…) for these carnivals.

So since my turn at the Carnival of Space is coming up in just 10 days, let’s start with it. If you come across any interesting space-related blog posts in the meantime, please forward them to me at sam (at) sortingoutscience (dot) net. I’ll take things from there.

You’ll be helping the post’s author, you’ll be helping other Sorting Out Science readers, and you’ll be helping direct a bit more traffic to this site as well. Everybody wins, and it only takes a moment of your time!

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