Episode 12 — Getting to Sputnik

Sputnik Asm 100 ThumbToday is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Earth’s first artificial satellite — Sputnik 1. Lots of news sites are covering various aspects of this anniversary — mostly dealing with what’s happened in space in the intervening 5 decades, and what we may see in the future. What seems to be getting far less coverage, though, is the twisted path that led to the launch.

Sputnik’s launch didn’t take place in a vacuum (no pun intended), after all — a number of social, political, and technical forces were at play. Tune in this week, and I’ll fill you in on all of the good “deep background” information that’s often lost in the shuffle.

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  2. gowen says:

    This podcast (12) and the previous one (11) are not appearing on the non-itunes rss feed.

  3. Sam Wise says:

    Thanks for the bug report! Try it now (do a refresh of the feed in your reader), and let me know how things look…

  4. gowen says:

    All working now. Thanks

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