A moment of your time, please…

Out of curiosity (and because I’d like to gauge just how satisfied folks are with the available themes for the site), I’m putting up a quick poll. Please just click to vote for your favorite theme (reminder: you can choose the display theme for this site via a gizmo in the sidebar).

If you’re not that wild about any of the available themes, and / or have some suggestions for others, please just leave a comment on this post. I’m trying to find a “happy medium” between having too few choices (leaving folks with no theme they particularly like) and having too many (in the process cluttering up the place).


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0 Responses to A moment of your time, please…

  1. Antony says:

    It took me while to find the themes in the sidebar. Your votes for Choice 1 probably reflect people trying to test out the themes by clicking the buttons on your “votePod.”

  2. Sam Wise says:

    Good point — I’ve tweaked the post a bit to (hopefully) direct more people to the sidebar…

  3. Paul Irving says:

    I think the themes are great as they are – As a luddite on these issues i find that i am mostly happy to take what I find at a site, rather than redesign it.

  4. c17h27no3 says:

    I voted for GPS Fluid Blue but I agree with Paul – I’m here for content.

    – Mark

  5. Sam Wise says:

    Well, I certainly won’t complain that you all like the content!

    I did, though, want to make sure that people could “play” a bit with the look of the site — to make it feel a bit “homey.” Hopefully this will encourage more folks to drop by from time to time for some discussion (vs. just reading / listening via RSS feeds).