Dead horses and NASA and such

I can’t say I’m always a huge fan of NASA Watch (it too often seems like a snarky tabloid version of space news), but it has its uses. In particular, it’s good at pointing out the foibles of the politics behind NASA funding. Here’s an example: the U.S. house is trying to increase NASA funding for aeronautics, education, and science — and the White House has announced Bush will veto the increase if it makes it onto his desk:

The Administration supports the House’s full funding for NASA’s Exploration Systems and Space Shuttle. However, the Administration does not endorse funding in excess of the request for Aeronautics, Education, and Science…

So, as I’ve pointed out before, NASA’s funding for aeronautics, education, and science has been thrown under the train in the interest of funding the development of the Ares I launch vehicle (although it duplicates capabilities that commercial launchers already have). At the time, Griffin stated that he’d love to fund all the other stuff, if only congress would provide extra money for it. Now congress tries to do just that, and the White House is lining up to shoot it down.

Go figure…

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