Poor Pluto…

Poor Pluto

A fun piece of art from Mathias Pedersen:

With Earth as the leader, the planets of the Solar System have turned against poor Pluto excluding him from their group of planets. This image is built upon recent events in which Pluto has been degraded to a “dwarf planet”. It is now no longer part of the classic lines of planets. It’s strange when you’ve been able to memorize the planets ever since you were a kid, and for the future will have to leave this poor little icy rock out. 🙁

Definitely a different take on the IAU’s decision to revoke Pluto’s planethood — and it makes a great computer “wallpaper” to boot! While you’re on Mathias’ site, take time to check out his other work too — it’s all really well done.

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0 Responses to Poor Pluto…

  1. Farah Ahmed says:

    I’m studying why is Pluto out of the solar system and it makes me feel confused cause I’ve always memorized the planets for being 9 planets and i don’t even know if the three new planets discovered will be added to the solar system or not??

  2. Breigh says:

    This is so cute, and it inspires me to study harder and have fun.

  3. Emma says:

    Yeah! Why did they leave Pluto out? It has been a planet for AGES. So why in 2006, they decide: PLUTO ISNT A PLANET ANYMORE.
    This picture pretty much explains it.

  4. Jonny says:

    Yeah but like any outcast, Pluto is super special!!

    Pluto is the only binary system in our solar system. This means that its moon Charon is so big and so close to Pluto that the two are like twins sort of orbiting each other (not perfectly but sort of). This is RARE and no planet in our solar system can boast this!

    So Pluto may have been kicked-out of the planet-club, but its got a twin to keep it company! (and two other smaller moons, Hydra and Nix, in case Charon gets boring, but if you ask me I think those two already bore Pluto)