Episode 8 — General Relativity

Gravit Lens 100 ThumbNow that we have some of the preliminaries out of the way, it’s time to take a quick look at General Relativity. Fortunately for the physics impared, it’s actually a bit easier to get your head around than is Special Relativity — and you get black holes, the big bang, and gravitational lensing in the bargain! This week’s episode is the second in a series on post-Newtonian physics — and none require you to do any math. If you’re new to the podcast, you’ll want to check out episodes 4 (Physics: A Brief History) and 6 (Special Relativity) first, just to put this material in context.

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You can also directly download the episode using this link. For sources, and those who’d just like to follow along, the episode’s show notes are here.

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