Funny, it seems I've seen you somewhere before…

From Reuters, by way of the BBC comes an interesting piece of news. Engineers and scientists at the Shanghai Aerospace System Engineering Institute proudly unveiled a prototype lunar rover that they’ve been working on. This is all fine and good, it’s just that the rover looks… well… a bit familiar.

Take a look for yourself at the “new” Chinese rover, compared to an artist concept of the MER rovers (Odyssey & Spirit) on Mars (click on either image for an expanded view):

Chinese Rover Mer1-1

Ah, well… I guess that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. In this case, the MER rovers are being “flattered” all the way down to their wheel hubs.

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0 Responses to Funny, it seems I've seen you somewhere before…

  1. Eurotrash says:

    Well, when a design has proven itself like the Mars rover have, why not copy it?